The pilgrimage journey began even during the life of St. Vasilija, and 12 May, the day of the death of this saint, Ostrog visiting tens of thousands vjernika.Tog given to the last 24 years, a group of runners and fans of running from Niksic, the glory of the Holy One runs 20 km from the cathedral to the Monastery Ostrog. This year, with the blessing of church officials decided to polumaraton be competitive.

Therefore, we invite you to take part in the half marathon and for which we hope will become a tradition and the most massive sport - tourism event in the region.

                                                            R  O  U  T  E 

The trail spade into one of the most difficult polumaratonskih trails. Start is at 9:55 pm, in front of the Saint. Basil of Ostrog (Market ŠakaPetrovića), then moving the old road Niksic - Podgorica, through the Emperor's bridge saddle Pandurica, Stube, history to finish in front of the Monastery Ostrog (above). Time limit is 4:00 h.

                                                            R  E  P  O  R  T

Are made only through the website www.ostroskipolimaraton / applications. The application should state all the information required. Application of the Sports Centre Niksic (Njegoševa bb.), And it will start on Saturday 04.08.2017 from 10.00 - 21.00h, where contestants are required to apply in person and bring up their numbers for the competition. Contact person for any information concerning the applicant is a half marathon Secretary Miloš Gomilanović, + 382 69 906 104 i +382 68 529 060th

Competitors from Montenegro are also required to register within the stipulated period.

Competitors who can not arrive in this period are obliged to register the phone at the secretary of the half marathon, which will provide a book and start number for the marathon and half marathon, which will be able to raise the morning the market handful Petrovic before the start of the marathon, from 6 am to 8 am. After this time, no one can raise the bib number or to apply for any race in the marathon.
When reporting is required ID card (passport), to determine the age (category).

Important note: Login required organizers to 06/04/2017. of the year, after acceptance, expires automatically in the starting list. After this deadline was not possible to report                                                     

                                                       A C C O M M O D A T I O N

Competitors who are wanted will be provided free accommodation in the monasteries around 300 seats. For elite runners also will be provided free accommodation in hotels in Niksic. The organizer will provide at affordable prices and stay in town of Niksic.

                                                      E N T R Y    F E E

Entry fee is 15 euros. For an entry fee contestant receives;

- medal,
- diploma,
- shirt marathon
- bag marathon
 - souvenirs Ostroškog half marathon
- Sandwiches or a voucher for lunch

                                                 C H A N G I N G  R O M S

Tents will be near the start of the half marathon and the half marathon at the very order.

                                                R E F R E S H M E N T   S T A N D S 

Being placed on the 5km, 10km, 15km and 20km. On rotating stations will be located in: water, fruit, sugar, and personal potion.

                                                L U G G A G E

Each participant will have his bag with the athlete's number in which to place their personal belongings. Kesu competitors will teach in a special vehicle kooje will be carried out to the same destination.

                                               C A T E G O R Y

- seniors / s
- army and police
- Competitors from Montenegro
- weterans / w - 40-45 years
- weterans / w- 45-50 years
- weterans / w - 50-55 years
- weterans / w - 55-60 years
- weterans / w - 60-65 years
- weterans / w - more than 65 years

                                           Directorate marathon